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The Miser's Daughter (Chapter 2) :iconwarriorlass:Warriorlass 0 0
The Miser's Daughter (Chapter 1)
Green eyes flashed open, Kakuzu sat up, something was happening today, but what was it? He grunted pressing his wrist firmly against his head trying to recollect his thoughts. Suddenly it hit him. He had an important visitor coming today! He left the comfort of his bed, and got ready for the day. Kakuzu’s heart hammered, he tried to calm himself. His nerves were out of control. ‘Get a hold of yourself!’ Kakuzu scolded himself, but his anxiety and excitement warred with one another. Today was the day; he’d been keeping it a secret from everyone except the leader of the Akatsuki. Kakuzu had been informed by his guest that they’d arrive at some point this morning. He had hoped to come pick the guest up, but they’d insisted that it would be best if they’d arrive on their own terms. Soon he was dressed and ready for the confrontation, and as he waited he sat patiently drinking his coffee at the table.
Kakuzu watched the door to the Akatsuki's home c
:iconwarriorlass:Warriorlass 1 0
Peppermint Alex Pinup by Warriorlass
Mature content
Peppermint Alex Pinup :iconwarriorlass:Warriorlass 0 1
The Dark Alliance by Warriorlass The Dark Alliance :iconwarriorlass:Warriorlass 1 5 Knight and Angel by Warriorlass Knight and Angel :iconwarriorlass:Warriorlass 0 1 Alex and Lazarus by Warriorlass Alex and Lazarus :iconwarriorlass:Warriorlass 1 4 KarkatXZufrea01 by Warriorlass KarkatXZufrea01 :iconwarriorlass:Warriorlass 0 0 Zufrea Trauma by Warriorlass Zufrea Trauma :iconwarriorlass:Warriorlass 0 0 Karkat watercolored by Warriorlass Karkat watercolored :iconwarriorlass:Warriorlass 0 1 Homestuck Comic: Karkat's Surprise Part 2 by Warriorlass Homestuck Comic: Karkat's Surprise Part 2 :iconwarriorlass:Warriorlass 0 1 Homestuck Comic: Karkat's Surprise by Warriorlass
Mature content
Homestuck Comic: Karkat's Surprise :iconwarriorlass:Warriorlass 0 1
(Updated) Loner Brooding Guy by Warriorlass (Updated) Loner Brooding Guy :iconwarriorlass:Warriorlass 0 0 (Original) Loner Brooding Guy by Warriorlass (Original) Loner Brooding Guy :iconwarriorlass:Warriorlass 0 0 The Yaoi Vampire Crew by Warriorlass The Yaoi Vampire Crew :iconwarriorlass:Warriorlass 1 4 Dollmaker and Princess by Warriorlass Dollmaker and Princess :iconwarriorlass:Warriorlass 0 0 Azmondeaus by Warriorlass Azmondeaus :iconwarriorlass:Warriorlass 0 0


Kiss animation by KlaudiaK Kiss animation :iconklaudiak:KlaudiaK 1,119 83 Xylus and Talie by FireLoverK Xylus and Talie :iconfireloverk:FireLoverK 1 0 Heal the World Base by Misa-pixels Heal the World Base :iconmisa-pixels:Misa-pixels 337 28 A Gypsy Along the Way by 3mo-Ame A Gypsy Along the Way :icon3mo-ame:3mo-Ame 2 0 Magic High mermaids by Mad-Sniper Magic High mermaids :iconmad-sniper:Mad-Sniper 905 139 Remeber that time when Austria caught France? by Arkham-Insanity Remeber that time when Austria caught France? :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 1,689 421
Mature content
Childish --PrussiaXOc-- :iconsinfuldeviant:SinfulDeviant 1 2
Hetalia Russia x Prussia
"Marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me, marry me!" Yelled a voice chasing the poor Russian down the hallway. Ivan ran into the room that use to be where China slept but now its a new person's room. "Help me! Hide me!" Ivan pleaded before the guy with crimson eyes. Gilbert smiled a bit at how stupid Ivan looked crying, pleading... he looked kinda cute, "Sure..." Gilbert said, looking for a hiding place for his new master, before Gilbert could suggest a good hiding place, Ivan ran into the closet. "Hey! Not in there!" Gilbert frowned, banging on the door, he expected Ivan to come out and yell at him, but instead to Gilbert's surprise he heard such a small, scared voice "Please Gilbert..." a little whimper came from inside the closet. Gilbert blushed as the Russian said his name and how cute he sounded, he rolled his eyes and lay on the bed waiting for Ivan's sister to leave. Natalia barged into the room, eyes beaming everywhere and she looked at the Prussian man who
:iconchewchewchewing:Chewchewchewing 148 52
Russia England style xD by spiker1641 Russia England style xD :iconspiker1641:spiker1641 361 106
Mature content
Turkey X Reader: Jealousy :iconanimekath:animekath 195 128
Prussiaxreader Motorcycle Ride
Gilbert and you were speeding over 100 mph on his motorcycle.
"Gilbert! Slow down! I'm scared" you yell at him.
He laughs
"No way! It's too much fun" he says.
"It isn't fun Gilbert! Slow down. It's too scary" you say
"Then tell me you love me"
"Fine, I LOVE YOU GILBERT! Slow down!"
"Now give me a Big Hug"
You hug Prussia
"And can you take my helmet off and put it on? It's bugging me" says Gilbert
--The next day in the papers—
A motorcycle crashed into a building because of a break failure.
Two people were on the motorcycle but only one survived.
The truth was that Prussia realized halfway down the road that his breaks
broke, but he didn't want you to know. Instead he made you say you love him,
:iconanimefan5228:animefan5228 194 127
EnglandxReader Request
EnglandxReader Request for CooCoobananas
Rating: PG/ PG-13
WHOO! WHOO! WHOO! Red and blue lights flash behind you.
"Great. What now?" You pull over on the side of the road and wait for the cop. Soon you hear a tapping on your window and roll it down. "Yes officer? What did I-Arthur?!"
"'Ello love." Sure enough, the blond, green-eyed Englishman was standing outside your car, clad in a British police officer uniform, it looked really good on him. Really, really good.
"W-what are you doing here?"
"Pulling you over love."
"For what!?" You weren't speeding, you didn't run a red light or a stop sign, what could you have done?
"Oh, no reason in particular. I just felt like seeing you, love." He smirks, resting his arm on top of your car. You dead pan.
"Are you serious? Arthur, I'm already late, so can I please go? I'll see you later anyway."
"Trying to run away from an officer? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Has being my girlfriend not helped you learn the law? Well, I guess I'll have to book you."
"Come on
:iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 205 78
Request: RussiaxReader
RussiaxReader Request for MadMenlover45!
LINK FOR PREVIEW PIC: file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Nancy/My%20Documents/Downloads/russiavodka.jpg
You have to copy and paste link.
You pull your jacket closer and hug your shivering and freezing body tighter.
"Damn w-where is h-he?" Great, now your teeth were chattering.
"Sorry I'm late; I didn't make you wait too long, Да?" A heavily accented voice says behind you.
"R-Russia, there you are. N-no, I haven't b-been waiting too l-long." The only thing you hate about visiting your good fiend/crush was the damn cold; you had been in snow and what not before, but winter in Russia was just plain ridiculous!
"Ahaha sorry." He smiles and rubs his head. Starring down at you, he notices the slight tremors of body. "You want to borrow my scarf, Да?" He smiles, his violet eyes were unusually bright today.
"W-w-would you mind?" Your shivering had become more violent and his smile widens.
"Of course not. Anything for м
:iconasianchibi13:asianchibi13 114 55
Prussia - Hetalia by Yami-Chan4 Prussia - Hetalia :iconyami-chan4:Yami-Chan4 3,236 274 Making Males...Prax Style by Meibatsu Making Males...Prax Style :iconmeibatsu:Meibatsu 679 66


In eight days, it'll be the fourth birthday of The Miser's Daughter. Couldn't sleep last night so I read a 48 chapter Durarara!! IzayaXReader insert and it was fantastic and it reminded me I had my own story that I hadn't gotten back to. So after reading it as well last night and this morning, I decided to go back over my 'The Miser's Daughter', I'm going to fix it up a bit. Grammar and typos and crap. Aside from reediting it, i also plan to add on and flesh it out some more since my skills as a writer have increased. So after I've finished editing and fleshing it out, on June 18th I will then finally start working on part 2. Due to having lots on my plate still, I will try to have one per week at least till it's finished. It will help remind me that I actually need to suck it up and actually try finishing more of my stories since even though it makes me feel accomplished, I also feel as if I'm saying goodbye to an old friend when i finish. So here it goes. 


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I love reading, writing, drawing, baking, and surfing the web. I fell in love with Deviantart a long time ago, and well I finally got an account so YAY!


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So whoever is watching me, and enjoys Akatsuki, feel free to read my latest story The Miser's Daughter. And I will be updating chapter 10 soon.
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